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目前,金斯瑞已对自己的质粒制备平台进行了升级,能够提供常规科研级质粒以及转染级(超螺旋程度≥90%,Animal-free, enzyme-free实验工艺)的质粒,以满足不同客户的需求。


  • Animal-free, enzyme-free实验工艺,研究级和转染级质粒生产。
  • 严格的质量控制:根据客户需要,至少达到七项标准,包括产品外观、A260/280、超螺旋程度、残留RNA、基因组DNA、限制性酶分析以及内毒素水平。
  • 灵活的选择范围:100 μg - 1,000 mg高拷贝或低拷贝质粒可供选择。
  • 快速的交付时间。

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"We used GenScript's plasmid preparation service to prepare large quantities of plasmids that contain our Southern blot probe fragments. This saved our lab considerable time and expense. From the initial order to service delivery, GenScript provided our lab with timely follow-ups and valuable advice. We now have an adequate supply of these probes with no need to grow bacterial cultures every time a new probe is required. Thank you, GenScript!"

― Dr. Melissa A. Melan, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, USA


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